Dunn I

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Comforts and Safety
Modern, all-electric kitchens with self-defrosting refrigerators Bingo, craft classes, religious services & other entertainment programs Carpeted apartments and hallways Heat and smoke detectors Emergency generator Front door Intercom Closed-circuit TV/security camera Emergency call buttons in apts.

24 hour on-site maintenance Trash disposal facilities on each floor Basic cable tv Laundry room on main floor Tenant Coordinator on site weekly Bus stop at front door Near churches, dining, shopping & recreational facilities Lunch program offered 3x per week @ $2.50 per meal Braille markings and emergency telephones in elevators

Our housing is for seniors 62 years of age or over, disabled veterans who submit satisfactory proof of physical and/or mobility eligibility according to the Civil Service Law "Section 85: Definition of Disabled Veteran", and anyone 18 years of age and older with a physical or mobility disability

Equal Housing Opportunity
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