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Comforts and Safety

In our modern influenced building the apartments are fully completed with electric kitchens, self-defrosting refrigerators, heat detectors in the kitchen, smoke detectors, emergency pull cords in the bedroom and bathroom, grab bars in the bathroom for additional safety, and wall to wall carpeting.

Every floor has a nice size solarium for neighbors and friends to enjoy at any time of day. Each solarium is very unique, as the residents from each floor have decorated and maintained the cleanliness of it.

Concerned about safety? Some of our residents participate in the I’m Okay Program we offer here at Dunn Tower Apartments. The I’m Okay program allows residents to feel safe every day when they wake up. A monitor checks every member enrolled in the program, they do this by flipping a door tag every morning that the enrollee would place out when they wake up. If at any point there are concerns, the staff is immediately notified and we will check on you to make sure you are safe.

In addition to the I’m Okay Program, each building is equipped with an Emergency Generator, a Front Door Intercom System, Closed-Circuit Television/Security Camera to make you feel more safe and comfortable in your home.

We are a smoke free building. No smoking is allowed within 100 ft of the building.


Our building is equipped with basic cable in every apartment, a trash disposal room on each floor, a 24-hour laundry room available for our tenants located on the main floor, as well as Braille markings and emergency telephones in each elevator.

Our buildings are staffed with 24-hour maintenance members to assist you with any concerns you may have. We are staffed with a Tenant Service Coordinator to assist you with any concerns around social services or any other organizations.

In addition to all of these conveniences, we are also located on a RTS Bus line; which can take you to the many local churches, dining, shopping & recreational facilities in our area. We also offer a lunch program, which many find beneficial, the meals are delicious and only cost $3.00; and is offered 3 times a week.

Our housing is for seniors 62 years of age or over, disabled veterans who submit satisfactory proof of physical and/or mobility eligibility according to the Civil Service Law "Section 85: Definition of Disabled Veteran", and anyone 18 years of age and older with a physical or mobility disability.

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Forms and Documents

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Complete Rental Form Packet

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Tenant Testimonials

  • My mother lived in the Dunn Tower Apartment Community for 36 happy years. She frequently told me how wonderful and safe she felt residing here. When the time came for me to move on, I chose to follow in her footsteps and I have not been the least bit disappointed. It is impressive, to me, the degree of care that the staff shows our community. Our homes are safe, our common areas are always clean and we are all treated with respect. What a better place to be!

    E.W., Dunn Tower I
    (Resident for 5 years)
  • I have lived at Dunn Tower I Apartments for 33 years and even celebrated my 100th birthday with the staff and residents. Everyone is very nice and I have had no complaints with the staff or the other residents. This is a great place to live and I consider this my home.

    F.S., Dunn Tower I
  • I have lived here for almost a good 3 years. I enjoy the atmosphere; the staff is friendly and caring and the building is always clean. I feel very safe and comfortable living here. The other residents welcomed me as I moved in; I have even built wonderful relationships with some of them. This is a lovely place to live; I have even recommended this place to several of my friends and family.

    B.C., Dunn Tower I